Dec 4 2009:
FringeDC On Temporary Hiatus...

Hi everyone: I've been having some difficulty lately keeping on a regular schedule with FringeDC, giving some issues with meeting spaces and speakers. Although some new opportunities have opened up for both of these, I'm currently swamped with work (my day job, my startup, my book) and don't feel like I can invest enough time into FringeDC right now to guarantee there won't be more hickups in the near future. Poor organization leads to lower attendance, and I want attendance to be high. Therefore, I'm going to put FringeDC on hiatus until late Spring 2010. At that point, I hope to relaunch FringeDC with a new website, shiny new presentations, and a better plan for meeting spaces. Hope to meet up with you all again at that point.

Please check back in a few months for details!

-Conrad Barski


*crickets chirping*