by Conrad Barski, M.D. Mail
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Note To Advanced Haskellers

Hi everyone,
welcome to my Haskell tutorial!

There's other tutorials out there, but you'll like this one the best for sure: You can just cut and paste the code from this tutorial bit by bit, and in the process, your new program will create magically create more and more cool graphics along the way... The final program will have less than 100 lines of Haskell[1] and will organize a mass picnic in an arbitrarily-shaped public park map and will print pretty pictures showing where everyone should sit! (Here's what the final product will look like, if you're curious...)

The code in this tutorial is a simplified version of the code I'm using to organize flash mob picnics for my art project, picnicmob... Be sure to check out the site and sign up if you live in one of the cities we're starting off with :-)


[1] - Lines of active code only, not counting optional function signatures. Intermediate debug output lines excluded. May cause eye irritation if viewed for prolonged periods of time. Speak to your physician to find out if this tutorial is the best treatment option for you.