Public Domain Lisp Logo Set
By Conrad Barski, M.D.

I have created this logo set for anyone who needs an attractive graphic to indicate their use of, and support for, Lisp. Please feel free to adapt these logos in any way you want- The original SVG files (Generated in Inkscape) are included for you below!

Why an Alien Lisp Mascot? To most programmers, Lisp seems like an entirely alien language at first- One thing that I think the Lisp community has failed to do is convince other programmers that this strangeness is not an arbitrary obstacle, but a necessary adjustment that imparts great power to programmers that would otherwise be unattainable. The alien Lisp mascot and quirky logo designs are designed to accentuate the awesome (and, to most people, alien) power that Lisp languages have- At the same time, they show how fun Lisp programming tends to be and that Lisp has wide appeal far beyond the stuffy academia it is sometimes wrongly associated with.

First, some quick questions:

1. What should be the name of the Lisp Alien Mascot?
2. I want to create a complementary set of logos for Scheme, my favorite Lisp dialect. What do you think a Scheme Mascot should look like? For instance, I would think a Scheme mascot would only have two (very well functioning) eyes, in opposition to the multi-eyed, multi-paradigm approach of Common Lisp.

Please Email me your suggestions or post them on C.L.L.- Sketches are welcomed, too!

The Basic Logo:


The Fancy Logo: For those who like their logos fancied up with a little shading.


The Warning Label Logos: For those who want a contrarian (or square) design.



The Flag Logo: This one is small, clean, and round


Just The Alien:


Anyone may use these freely for any purpose and in any way. Attribution of the logos to me is not necessary but will be appreciated. Hope you like 'em!